5 Best Water Sports Activities in Pula


Pula is situated during the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula and it’s the area’s largest city. Located beneath 7 hills and also with ideas of Adriatic, Pula’s unspoiled organic surroundings are enchanting. Recognized due to the mild weather and tame, beautiful ocean, Pula also offers many traditions of winemaking, shipbuilding, and fishing. And some really popular water sports too. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in pula.


Orca Diving Center is just a really helpful and well-equipped diving facility for Pula, Croatia.  offer whole-day diving trips and also everyday diving, gear rental, dive knowledge for novices, diving courses and also kayaking.  Enjoy endless clearness and sunlight of the Adriatic ocean with Orca DC!


Rental boat, sunset and dolphins, panoramic tours on destinations and natural park with crystal green and purple ocean, cliff jumping, great for families and also small groups till twelve persons, individual guests, also. The beauties as a lighthouse of Porer as an area as well as very last section of Istria, the cave of Cape Kamenjak, driving close to the coastline, red cliffs and nice bays, ocean life from the ocean, trips with individualized contact.


Snorkeling is a popular leisure activity, especially at exotic resort locations. It gives the chance to view underwater existence in an all-natural environment minus the complex training and equipment required for scuba diving. It appeals to all ages because of how little work is necessary and is the building blocks of the 2-floor disciplines of the underwater sport of finswimming.

Snorkeling is employed by scuba divers when over the exterior, in underwater sports such as for instance for example underwater hockey plus underwater rugby, and during water-based searches performed by rescue and search teams.


Ten minutes west of Pula city center is among the utmost effective rocky bays within the district; Seagulls Rocks. Featuring several of possibly the clearest waters over the nation, this’s arguably among Croatia’s best kept secrets. It is a popular place for many water sports, but many particularly sea kayaking, as many like weaving in and out from the caves and recognizing marine everyday life because they float


If you have never been diving you then have seriously been losing on something good in life! If you’re in Pula after that take the opportunity for waking up personally and close together with the marine life which inhabits the beautiful Istrian coast! The diving facility in Pula provides some excellent bundles based on your own experience….they’ll actually allow you to move down to many secret shipwrecks!

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