Barcelona From the Sea – Enjoy some sparkling views!

Boasting a warm climate with the Mediterranean Sea as a dazzling backdrop, it’s no surprise Barcelona is one of the very visited cities in Europe.

Joining a vessel tour of Barcelona, its harbour and the beaches is definitely an increasingly popular and exciting way to explore this stunning city Visit for travsel info about Barcelona.

Port Olimpic is certainly one of the most used leisure districts of Barcelona. Area of the growing interest here stemmed from its creation for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

While 1992 is far behind us, this clever addition to the city continues to be enjoyed by tourists and locals.

The actual Port Olimpic today is really a yachting harbour that the wealthy use to get onto the water with family and friends.

Whether you are approaching this port from the ocean or the city, you’ll instantly notice the 154-metre tall twin skyscrapers.

Those two buildings, any office tower of Torre Mapfre and the Hotel Arts are the two tallest buildings in Barcelona.

The Port Olimpic Beaches

Towards the sail-shaped Hotel Vela, there is an attractive promenade. This may take you past the beaches of Barceloneta and Sant Sebastiá around Port Vell.

Following a coast north, you can become at the beaches of Nova Icaria and Bogatell.

Port Olimpic Nightlife

Dancing the night time away at a club in Barcelona is an unique, fun and freeing experience. Barcelona is known for its nightlife that typically carries to the wee hours of the morning.

It only makes sense this beachy city would have vibrant clubs along the glistening sea. Facing the Hotel Arts and directly in the yacht harbour, there are many of nightclubs and bars.

Typically the most popular ones are Shoko, Opium mar and CDLC. These are sprawling places with interior dance floors and large terraces directly on the beach.

Throughout the day, enjoy the numerous terraces; later in the day, you could have an attractive meal.

Before the 1992 Olympic Games, Port Vell was degenerated and run down. Similar to many areas along the seashore of Barcelona, Port Vell (the old harbour) was renovated and restored for the Olympics.

In a huge restructure project this Port, which neighbours Barceloneta, has been completely transformed to start the city to the beautiful sea Visit for more information about Barcelona boat and cruise tours..

Port Vell went from an industrial wasteland to a location of yacht harbours that have been created. These harbours encompass a peninsula with a large entertainment complex.

Included in the entertainment complex is the most used attraction: The Barcelona Aquarium.

Here you can easily dive with Mediterranean sharks! Simply cross the wooden swing bridge along Rambla Mar to a beautiful harbour promenade. Discover the Maremagnum complex with shops, bars and restaurants.

The stunning Maritime Museum (Museo maritime) is situated on your right. Along the pier on your left lies the Barcelona World Trade Center, which is really a hotel and convention center in the middle of Port Vell.

Port Vell’s makeover has added vibrancy and color to the city while celebrating the ocean and the annals of Barcelona.

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