How to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Home

Every house is a mix of various substances. Tiles are an important part of interiors for homes types of tiles. Everyone should ensure that they select the best tiles that meet their requirements, lifestyle, and place in the house. We can’t choose for you, but we can guide you. This is why Bespoke offers this comprehensive guide listing the types of tiles, their USPs of each one, places they are suitable for use, and the best way to keep them.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are similar to traditional ceramic types of tiles, but they contain silica in the mix. Silica and clay melt during nitrification, forming an almost glass-like substance inside each tile. This helps ensure that the tiles maintain their original sheen over the years of usage.

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Here are some details about vitrified tiles.

Available in a variety of colors, including anti-skid coating

It is stain-proof due to its low porosity

Water and frost resistance

It is tough and can withstand heavy movement

Installed quickly

Where can you get vitrified tiles

Indoor and outdoor flooring

Kitchen backsplash

Bathroom walls

What are the rules and regulations regarding keeping vitrified tiles?

Vitrified tiles need very little maintenance. Regular mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming is enough to keep them tidy. Never use any abrasive methods like acid or metal scraper to clean these types of tiles.

Tiles made of Onyx

Onyx is essentially a marble-like material. types of tiles, which are inexpensive, are a replica of the veins found in marble and are made of quartz and other additives that are engineered.

What you should be aware of regarding onyx tiles

It appears like marble however, it is much stronger.

Comes in larger dimensions than regular tiles

Moderate heat resistance

It is not completely scratch or stain resistant.

Where are the best places to find onyx tiles?

Indoor flooring


Wall with cladding

What are the rules and regulations that apply to keeping onyx tiles clean?

The most important thing to keep in mind while cleaning the onyx tiles is that they must be handled with care. Don’t use lemon juice, baking s, oda, or any such strong cleansing agents on these types of tiles. To clean the tiles, use warm water and mild detergent.



Vinyl tiles

Vinyl flooring is synthetic and looks just like natural stone. This affordable option is the best flooring option for pet owners.

Vinyl tiles: What you need to be aware of

Creates a seamless design

Installed without causing damage to the flooring

Non-biodegradable, however recyclable.

Waterproof, but not totally stain resistant

Not the most durable, and it can dent easily with heavy furniture

Where can you use vinyl tiles?



What are the rules and regulations that apply to maintaining vinyl tiles?



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