Know the technical specifications and parts of the circulator pump before buying

Before buying and selecting these pumps, according to your application, you should check its technical specifications. That way, if you plan to use these pumps in small buildings, you should not use a 2900 rpm circulator pump. Circulating pumps with 2900 rpm motor have a high vibration sound and deprive the residents of comfort.

Pump head

Gravity and natural flow of water inside vertical pipes, cooling and heating systems and is one of the main and most determining parameters in the accurate calculation of the pressure required for the circulator pump and head. To calculate the pump head of cooling towers, even though part of the water path is open and due to the gravity flow in the return path of water into the condenser, the same method and formula can be used to calculate the pump head. Circulator.

According to the formula available on the website of Abravan Company, which is a manufacturer of various industrial pumps, the total head is calculated with the following formula:


Total head = height difference between two points 1 and 2 + pressure drop due to fluid transfer in the pipe + pressure drop due to fittings and valves + required pressure or height at the point


The appropriate pressure drop rate for the water flow in the pipes for the circulating pump is calculated to be 300 milli inches per foot or two and a half feet per 100 lengths of pipe equivalent.


flow calculation

Calculation of circulator pump flow is different in heating and cooling systems. The following formulas can be used to calculate the diameter of the pipes and the flow of the circulator pump required in the heating and cooling systems:

In cooling systems, by dividing the kcal of each section by 1250 flow and the volume of circulating water in the same section, the cooling system is obtained.

Kcal / 1250 = BTU / 10000 = GPM

In each section of the heating system, by dividing kcal by 2500, the amount of flow or the same volume of circulating water in the same section of the heating systems is calculated.

 Kcal / 2500 = BTU / 10000 = GPM

Circulator pump components

Electromotor: The type of electric motors of circulating pump are of synchronous type. The windings used for medium power of this device can be connected to single-phase electricity and at high power and power can be connected to three-phase electricity.

Axis: Transmitting motion from the electric motor of the pumps to the pump impellers is one of the functions of these axes. On the shaft, a large bearing surface has been designed that rotates the shafts without the slightest lameness and with perfect precision.

Bearings: These bearings, which have a bronze material, are used to align the pump shaft. These bearings are long enough and there is a groove for lubrication on them.

Mechanical seal: The presence of this mechanical seal or seal bowl prevents water from penetrating into the bearings.

Coupling: In linear pumps, the task of transferring motion from the electric motors to the pump shafts is performed by these components.

Impeller: The impellers of these pumps are centrifugal (centrifuge) and their material can be steel, plastic, cast iron, ionolite, brass, etc.

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